Predictive Data

Targeted Consumer Acquisition

Through advanced performance modeling and data analytics tools, only the Selling Source provides a comprehensive picture of a consumer from lead generation to customer acquisition through the entire life cycle.  Combining a wide variety of real-time identity verification, credit reporting, bank account verification and custom risk scores, Selling Source is second to none in understanding consumer behavior and assessing risk. To optimize risk management a business must know their customers well and apply that knowledge by matching the right product to the right consumer.

With experienced personnel and predictive modeling, the Selling Source helps businesses manage their portfolios, and provides customizable key performance indicator reports such as data trend analysis, forecasting, performance, and customer segmentation, which help reduce risk even further to ensure maximum return on investment.

The company also owns and operates one of the largest FCRA-compliant credit reporting agency focused on non-prime consumers largely untracked by major credit bureaus.  With a unique focus on transactional performance, Selling Source delivers key consumer insight to its clients driving results.

With a portfolio of seven industry-leading companies, the company provides extensive, customizable solutions to develop and manage brands, acquire consumers cost effectively and maximize return on investment for businesses.